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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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met with the families of the victims, honoring their memories, and bowling justice in an emotional ceremony. >> it was a solemn homecoming as it -- the caskets of ambassador chris stevens and three americans were finally brought home. >> today, we bring home four americans who gave their lives for our country and our values. >> the transfer ceremony took place days after the group was killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate in the libyan city of benghazi. >> they did not simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. they invited it. >> the president and secretary of state were stoic but stored in their condemnation of an anti-muslim film that triggered more deadly demonstrations overseas in more than a dozen countries. >> that is the concern, how quickly things spiraled out of control. and on capitol hill, lawmakers
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emerged from a closed-door intelligence briefing, no closer to a motive in libya. >> again, all this is still very fluid. >> the white house pushed back on reports that it failed to act on any kind of warning. >> we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the u.s. mission was planned or imminent. >> meantime, we have learned the white house has reportedly asked youtube to review the inflammatory film in question to see if it is in compliance. >> thanks. threats of a loss of of being made against the woman who came forward in a sexual harassment case against john leopold. barry semmeses live in the newsroom. who is making the threats and why? >> an attorney says his three clients, who all work for the county executive, are highly agitated and aggravated. they claim statements made in an affidavit by another employee
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are untrue. than it is another sign of the intensity of the legal battle involving executive john leopold and a former employee. she is suing the county, claiming sexual harassment and wrongful termination, but a female employee on medical leave is now facing threats of a lawsuit for allegations she made in an affidavit about leopold and some of his other tack -- staff members. >> it is obvious that the hostilities between the parties and the litigation are escalating, and now, there's other employees involved. >> in a signed affidavit, she claims she is on leave because of post-traumatic stress syndrome, caused by what she calls the toxic environment in the office. she says documents were destroyed and several of leopold's staff members were very concerned about office workers exposing various practices and acts.
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the letters are dated september 6 and september 11. they threaten legal action, calling the allegations libelous and slanders. they also claims the actions were for personal gain l with the view of extorting a settlement. in the letters, an attorney says he will take it back, saying he will retract and publicly apologized for allegations against each of them, or civil action will be filed in circuit court. >> it is another unfortunate chapter in my county's recent history. it makes doing the job very difficult. we are trying to hold people accountable, but it is clear that there are a lot of people in this county who do not want to be held accountable, and that is unfortunate. >> the attorney says there is no question is civil suit is contemplated. he says the allegations have damaged his client's reputation, and he says the statements were
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made falsely and maliciously and are not protected by immunity. >> let's be clear on this -- if i say something about you, my friend is the truth. truth is what we call in the law an absolute defense. >> but an attorney also says if something is not true -- and i knowingly said it not true -- maybe i honestly believe it to be true -- i finally said something bad about you and it cause you harm, that is another question, but if it cause you harm, you can turn around and sue me for the value of the harm i have caused you. >> leopold also faces charges of misconduct in office. he denies all of the allegations. >> tonight, police are investigating a couple murdered inside their home. it found dead earlier this week.
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baltimore county police say they consider long to be a suspect in the murders and are waiting to interview him. >> securities on the forefront of baltimore county school employees after two major gun incidents since the school year began. they met today to review the security measures now in place. >> there is no place in our schools for violence. we will make sure that as a school system we do everything possible to maintain safety. >> this video message was posted to the school system's web site. i followed a series of mandatory meetings, meetings where school principals were told to review their crisis plans with teachers. this is all in response to serious gun incidents. the communications director says the review is just one away from helping staff connect with students. >> now what we want to do is make sure that everyone has reviewed this crisis plans.
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at the beginning of the school year, what you will hear is that people have been doing drills and things like that, so that is good news. >> we must make sure that our schools are environments where students feel they have someone they can share information with, that if they think something will happen or something is about to happen, they have an avenue to share that information. >> in the next week or so, school principals will start placing posters throughout school buildings with the number for the school safety hotline. school officials are also setting up a text messaging and e-mail system so that students, staff, and the community can report suspicious activity. >> thanks. that state schools to a hot line is up and running. it is 1-877-636-5332. >> prince george's county has come up with a unique way to deter speed camera vandalism, installing surveillance cameras to monitor the speed cameras. baltimore county has also had its share of speed camera vandalism.
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david collins asked what police think that prince george's county is on to something? what is up? >> baltimore county police do not think the problem is severe enough to attach surveillance cameras to these, and unlike prince george's, baltimore county does not have to pay the cost of repair or replacement. the irony is inescapable. cars with an eye on race track road prompted police to had a portable speed camera in the woods. to deter vandalism, police installed a camera to watch over the speed camera and have plans to install a dozen more by the end of the year because six have been damaged since april. and it is a good idea. it slows them down, especially from the college over here. they fly through here. >> sam hale lives across the street from the camera. he is not bothered by the big brother feel of it. >> you don't think it is a little much to put a camera on a camera, or do you think it is just a fact of life these days? >> i think it is a fact of life
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really. i think that is a good idea. >> speed cameras in baltimore county have been vandalized eight times since 2010. they paint over speed camera lenses and publicly express their anger in graffiti. vandals even lit one on fire. all speakers are in your school zones. so far, six have been targeted. two of them twice. in august, baltimore county police did not consider this a big deal. >> in the scope of everything we deal with, this is a relatively minor problem. >> they still do not. local police declined to go on camera to discuss whether surveillance cameras could be an option, but they did issue a statement -- if we had a camera vandalized every week, we might consider it. right now, the normal process we have for the investigation of any camera destruction or vandalism are sufficient to deal with the problem we might have. the baltimore county speed camera program generates $2 million in revenues each year.
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no cost estimates are available when a camera is out of commission. the cost of replacing and repairing damaged cameras is the responsibility of the vendor. unlike baltimore county's contract, it cost prince george's county tens of thousands of dollars to place the camera, and they do not want to lose ground making drivers slowed down. >> i wonder why these cameras cannot be read to do both. the cameras can only be used to capture images of those speeding. >> the o's are should the first non-winning season after 14 long years of misery. >> the team remains in the thick of the pennant race. coming up, fans are ready to buckle up for the ride. >> the raven's enjoy first place. a look at their biggest challenge coming up later in
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sports. >> the cold front on the way might bring a little wet weather. check at the weekend forecast. now, some sunshine. now, some sunshine.
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>> after day -- after yesterday's sweep of the race, goes fever in a full suite. the question -- can we keep things going? we have been speaking with fans and business owners. >> there is no doubt that with
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the orioles are doing here is purely amazing for the city, but i found that orioles fans and ravens fans are finding themselves in a little bit of a dilemma. it is purple friday. but what if you want your orioles want to lead in to your raven's purple? we found a solution to that problem. orioles fever continues to spread. >> orioles fever, magic, whatever you want to call it -- it is taken a grip on the baltimore area and is not letting go. >> it is fabulous. it is exciting to see, and there is a lot momentum. >> after a sweep of the tampa bay raise, the orioles are headed out west on an nine-game road trip. keeping the spirit alive is now more important than ever. >> i love them. they are just doing so great
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right now. >> is it exciting to see? >> yes, it is. i wake up before i have to do anything. >> we bought more tickets at the beginning of the season. it happens that they started playing better. >> the winning ways have also put sports memorabilia stores in an interesting situation. september usually means the entire store is raven's purple, but this year, there is a lot of warrants as well. >> usually when the season gets going, we end up backing it away and putting more purple in. it is good to see the change. >> some fans are finding themselves in a tough spot, especially on purple friday. but have no fear -- split shirts are available now like this one, which describes the situation with the made up word baltimania.
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>> so here is to hope we have this orange and purple problem through october. fans all over the area rejoice having two hometown teams playing at the top of their game. >> the orioles have a late game tonight in oakland. they are back in town for a double header against the blue jays on the 24th. we are live at camden yards tonight. >> at 82 degrees for the high temperature today. that is a little warmer than normal, and might have felt humidity levels coming up with it, but all in all, another beautiful summer day. fantastic weather started on sunday, last weekend, stretched all through the work week. some subtle changes coming our way, but i think you will like them. still some of 70's, low 80's.
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with the slight change today with higher dupont levels, the dew point measures the moisture in the atmosphere. with two. temperatures running up into the 60's, that is more human than it has been for most of this week. two. numbers -- dew point numbers. charges will be with us, and they are minimal. this fund has most of its energy up to the north of us in canada headed for new england. our chances will stay mostly to our north. you will see showers on the southern end of that line are very isolated. maybe a sprinkle or passing shower. the temperature contrast is significant. the clouds and showers really drop the temperature once the front moves on through. we expect it to pass through
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overnight. behind it, high-pressure will fill right back in. the weekend looks nice. other than a brief shower, skies began to clear. monday, changes come again. this time coming up from the south. what clouds and showers coming up from virginia, pass through richmond. sunrise at 6:48. winds will be a little brisk out there. small craft advisory in effect on the day tomorrow. in western maryland, it will feel like fall. ties only in the 60's 4 couple of days. if you are heading up into the western maryland mountains, take a jacket or sweatshirt. eastern shore, very comfortable. lower eastern shore, including the beaches, looks like sunny
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skies for saturday and sunday. great football weather on sunday. mostly sunny, northwest breeze. kickoff temperatures in the low to mid-70's. 77 tomorrow. 76 on sunday. what weather coming in on monday and tuesday, maybe a thunderstorm clearing out with gusty winds on tuesday. >> three months ago, the thought of the orioles and a's serving as of mid-september 0.40 become impossible, but they collide this week. following cuttable back to back all of victories, 3.5-game lead. still, though, the wild card could improve your game with a top wild-card spot.
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this house in one-game plan. it is a confusing, but it is worth it. by the way, the o's are only four games back, so time to buckle up. >> watching other teams for years and saying we want to do what they are doing. we would like to get a chair at the dance, you know? >> buckle up. come on. of're looking at the time the jig entire record for the season. you hear the entire three-game series on wbal radio. interesting injury report out this afternoon. michael vick's pool of targets banged up indeed. for the eagles, the pro bowl running back is ready to go, and that is a priority this week.
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the run defense leaked a little in the otherwise impressive be done of the bengals monday night. >> i was really pleased the way we played the second half. i was not particularly pleased the way we played the first half. we have got to play better than what we did in that game. they are all things that are very correctable. we got out of position sometimes and had some plays break out on us, and we cannot have that. >> that brings us to our raven's text question for the day. what do you expect from a raven's-eagles game? grab your phone, send a text to this number. if you are expecting another blow up, a. b if you expect another close game. here's a look at early voting. thus far, 69% predicting a close game on sunday. the ravens had great season
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openers and went on the road and lost. i think that a close game is probably in line. >> my prediction -- 27-24. >> stay with us. seven-day forecast right after this.
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>> here's a look at what we're working on for 11 news tonight. more human cases of west nile virus have cropped up. house said agriculture officials are planning to respond. and it has been a tough few months for maryland farmers, but not every crop has had a rough time this summer. how you can taste for yourself. those stories and much more
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>> forecast is looking better than it did earlier in the week. >> sprinkle going through late tonight, and then tomorrow, back to the sunny weather for saturday and sunday. rain chances back on monday and tuesday. and to clear up around the middle part of the week, before the next seven days, pretty much high temperatures in the 70's. >> look at this weekend. >> low 70's, jan, little on the breezy side. great football weather. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. >> nbc nightly news is coming up next. we will see you back here at 11:00. >> good night.
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